WTF Is That? 10 Pangolin Facts Things


A pangolin looking for stuff yesterday.

They look like armadillos and when you try to say their name you sound like someone on ecstasy attempting to pronounce ‘penguin’. But what else do you know about pangolins? Well, if you know moderately bugger all it’s time you read ‘10 Pangolin Facts Things’, part three of AKTIFMAG’s Animals Facts Things series.

1. Weirdly, pangolins are found in Africa and then all the way over in Asia. What’s weirder/gross is the scales covering the skin of pangolins are made out of the same material as human fingernails.


Basically a shitload of fingernails glued together. 

2. Pangolins are crap at seeing, and are forced to rely heavily on smell and hearing.


1 down. 69,999,999 to go. 

3. I’d hate to be the person that had to count this but it’s is estimated by that person that one pangolin can consume in excess of 70 million insects per year.

4. If approached by a predator, the pangolin rolls into a tight ball with its tail and legs covering its head.


If they were smart they’d kick it. 

5. That’s not all they do when scared. Pangolins can also emit a foul-smelling acid from glands near the anus. When humans do it, it’s dismissed as farting, but when it’s an animal, everyone makes out like it’s some sort of super power.


“Fuck pangolins, I can swim too”

6. Pangolins are ace at swimming.

7. Pangolin Christmas cracker joke: What do Pangolins have in common with junkies? They’re toothless.


8. Baby pangolins travel with their mother by riding on the base of her tail.



9. They are not eaten in China. Just kidding, of course people eat them in China, where they are considered a delicacy and a cure for different ailments.


A pine cone trying to impersonate a pangolin.

10. Get this, because the little buggers can’t chew, they ingest small stones while foraging around and looking for shit. These stones build up in their stomachs and end up grinding ants that they have swallowed, like some sort of belly meat mincer.

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