Two new releases from the reprobates at AKTIFMAG

The AKTIFMAG shop is bursting with new two releases.


First, we have ‘Throwing it out there’. A heartfelt book that captures the most intimate and passionate thoughts of the wistful community members at YouPorn and RedTube. We collected YouPorn user’s comments, expertly curated them and then housed them over romantic iconography.


It comes with a joyous limited edition card set and is sure to warm the cockles of that special someone.

aktif110655 aktif110660

aktif110656 aktif110657

The cards and book are enclosed in the porn purveyors carriage of choice – a brown paper bag – with a sticker announcing to the world what delights lurk within.


It’s available in the shop or from Polyester Books on Brunswick St, Fitzroy for a loving $15.


Next up we have ‘Famous Thinkers Quoting Herald Sun Readers – 2nd Edition’. “We’ve already seen that, you twats” we hear you say. Well, you’re kind of right but as we said this is the 2nd edition with quotes from 2012, it’s just we’ve only finished making it now.


It’s got fewer pages than the 2011 (or first edition) version but makes up with it by using silver staples in the spine, so because of this we’ve kept it at exactly the same price of $10.


Hurry, because the 2011 one flew off the shelves, and when we say ‘flew’ we mean that over 12 months they eventually sold out. Again, it’s available in the shop or from Polyester Books on Brunswick St, Fitzroy.