Top 20 of 2012: Famous Thinkers Quoting Herald Sun Readers

Last year we paired up famous thinkers with actual quotes, comments and letters from the readers of the Melbourne newspaper the ‘Herald Sun’ in our ‘Famous Thinkers Quoting Herald Sun Readers’ series. Now, it’s back with our 2012 collection of this year’s favourite innovative thoughts that have excited the intellectuals from our twitter feed @heraldsunreader





We even made the previous collection into a wee little book that you can get from our shop [Sorry these have all sold out today 10/12/12, a few left at from the fantastic Polyester  still] .

Here are a bunch of our other favourites from this year that rounded up the top 40-50ish…

  • “I have nothing against Muslims ok thats a lie everyone has something against them”
  • “Where has Tim Flannery been hiding while we’ve been getting all this rain”
  • “They have no manners, please teach them the basics, so when they walk on the street, OTHERS can walk along the otherside” RE: Migrants
  • “I’ve been hanging out for jury duty but they’ve never asked me once. I can’t wait to put a scumbag away”
  • “Wat sort of aussie is called assange anyway? These idiots even checked his passport to see if his a spy?”
  • “nothing makes me more angry than comedians”
  • “I hate people who swim. There just a bunch of idiots who think there in a music video or ad”
  • “the first thing I think when I see someone on a bike is am I prepared to do 10 year stretch [or 8 with good behaviour] “
  • “when I was a kid I used to play hide and seek by myself, you had to”
  • “I don’t drive my car on your bike paths, so take you bikes off my roads!”
  • “clouds are crap even the white ones”
  • “why can you sponsor a kid in Africa for $1 a day and they get everything but here we get bugger all for that?”
  • “I’m currently in a 3 year relationship with one of my year 12 teachers and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”
  • “it’s hard to imagine how humans are so sick. As punishment the public should be able to press the button on the electric chair”
  • “the last waiter who stuffed up my order after not using a pen to take it down copped a dead leg”
  • “dreams are for hippies”
  • “Enough is enough.” RE: Comedians making fun of audience members.
  • “lol funny how theres nothin about climate change in the paper now.Knew it was bull”
  • “whenever a so called atheist says ‘where’s the proof god exists’ I simply say ‘where’s your proof he does not?’ It always stumps them”
  • “Your so dum” Responding to another reader.
  • “I have nothing against gay marriage but it should be banned”
  • “I’ll continue to drive the safest speed for the safest conditions, if thats 130kmh in a 100 zone, than thats what i will do”

If you’d like to read any of the 2011 quotes they’re all here:


Here are numbers 45-30

and then 30-15.



23 thoughts on “Top 20 of 2012: Famous Thinkers Quoting Herald Sun Readers

    • These quotes from Herald Sun readers are way too depressing. Can people really be that ignorant? Their appalling grammar and spelling makes me want to weep….let alone their wrong thinking. It will take more than the Gonski reforms to education to turn this country around..

  1. I was in Switzerland recently, and a local casually mentioned that Australians were nice, but uneducated, ignorant and uncultured. I barely contained my fury and gave him a few choice (and grammatically correct) sentences in defence of my countrymen. Having just read this… I think I’ll write to him and apologise.

  2. Brilliant. I especially love the ones where they reveal a little about their engaged, dynamic lives offline.

    (That probably is be the sort of thing Margaret Thatcher would have said.)

    • note for moderator: I accidentally left the “be” in the last sentence. That’s why I’m posting it a second time. I assume you can’t edit them.

    • Brilliant. I especially love the ones where they reveal a little about their engaged, dynamic lives offline.

      (You know, that probably is the sort of thing Margaret Thatcher would have actually said.)

  3. Oh. This breaks my heart. Its so depressing. Really? Is this really in Australia? Melbourne? I agree with Theresa Miller totally, this is so sad. The spelling makes me want to die.
    I think “Your so dum” sums up all of my frustrations… or something… i don’t know. I’m dumbfounded.

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