It’s no virtual reality sex machine but here’s last year’s Famous Thinkers Quoting Herald Sun Readers


Every year we collect the best comments from our @heraldsunreader twitter feed for a special ‘Famous Thinkers Quoting Herald Sun Readers’ post. Last year (2013) was a little different. We produced a site that sold t-shirts and shit like that (by ‘shit like that’ we mean we planned on making mugs ‘n stuff but just ended up selling t-shirts).


Not a mug. 

To say it was a massive success is an understatement. Everyone from me to my mum bought one. But under the pressure of the stardom blowtorch we forgot to actually post them on here. And as that website has now vanished, we thought we better post them before we have to actually come up with a new idea. So, here they belatedly are…



bob-marley buddah

tutu 73015788BV003_Scientists_Mo

ravi_shankar proust 16_Salman_Rushdie picasso Norman_Mailer noam-chomsky naomi malcolmx JohnLennon
hitchens gorbechov Eleanor_Roosevelt EdgarAllanPoe_ deepak-chopra AngelaMerkel