I’m not racist…but

If you love your country and you love your good ‘old-fashioned values’ then you probably want to protect that. ‘I’m not racist…but’ is a new magazine dedicated to convincing yourself and anyone else that you’re not a bigot. No more having to rely on help from Channel 9, 7, 3AW or 2UE when some do-gooder tries to prevent you from being you. With the knowledge learned in ‘I’m not racist…but’ you’ll be literally well-armed – literally!  This is because if you’re still struggling to justify your God-given (bless him) views, simply roll up the mag and use it as a weapon.

And for those of you who demand others speak English yet are unfairly burdened with a poor grasp of the language yourself (obviously because some foreign kid stole your school spot), we will be releasing a pictures only version in the not too distant future – provided this bloody country still has one!


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