Flipping lids at some trendy ad agency


Ben Ham last week.

Who hasn’t thought ‘Fuck it, today I’d love to do the complete opposite of what I am supposed to do at work’, whether it’s a fire fighter sitting back and enjoying the flames or a diving operator deliberately leaving behind a couple of yank tourists in the middle of the Pacific? Well, illustrator and AKTIFMAG’s go-to-man Mr Ben Ham did just that.

An advertising agency in Melbourne got him to come in on a weekend (unsupervised) and provide their working space with a mural, probably because no ‘creative’ ad agency is complete without some type of drawing across their walls.


 Another mural at another typical marketing place yesterday.

The concept they went with depicted ideas and creative juices flowing from one head to another. You know, because they’re ideas people.

 What he told them he was going to draw:


But, after a few sour experiences in the belly of the advertising beast, at the last minute Ben went all ‘Falling Down’ and decided to portray a more realistic account of a marketing workplace.

What he ended up drawing all over their walls:


The pictures they didn’t want you to see.


A video taken on the day. Complete with customary quirky quote and trumpet blowing:


While it’s hard to find anyone there who knew anything about it, one person that wishes to remain anonymous so that he/she doesn’t get assassinated said “I thought it was hilarious, but top brass went mental. Apparently some others refused to work until the money was removed.” *

What they ended up doing to the mural before anyone got a chance to really appreciate it:



*There is no comment on what the agency did with the cash once they removed it from the walls. Ben told us that he still got paid. If they didn’t have wiggly lines for brains they could’ve been funny fuckers and paid him with the drawn notes.

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